Överraskande beslutsamhet

OKAY 6.30 this morning I head up to stable taking my mare to a larger field but a field where she can be alone healing her left front lameness (she is known not to care about being alone)… 11.30 heading to stable the field is empty, no sign of a horse, the fence is intact. I stop to look at the ground.. I see heavy impact then tracks of canter towards the field of my mares friends… I cant see through to the other field as there is a wall of “ensilage balls.”

I walk passed the wall.. and there she is calmly gracing the open field right next to her fenced friends. She looks at me saying “Well hello there”.

I can see her grinning at me extremely content over her accomplishment… *grumbles* I walk up to her. Shes still grinning at me.

I grab her by the halter and leads her to her stable box… this afternoon I need to make a gracing field next to the other mares…*shakes head* my horse can obviously jump when she wants…


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