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Felix Hugo Bader – Show Jumper

Felix is a young man at 20 years, a local to the town where Eponia Equestrian Sport mother company resides in the south of Sweden.

The last year he spent in Germany, improving his  ground work and the “German style” of riding, which he believes is a good influence to the “American style” which he previously adopted. Felix encourages young riders to travel abroad to strengthen their skill and tecniques. To get new influences and perspectives, to acquire new experiences that will make one grow as an individual within the sport.


Felix was  showing with his own horse King Creole, Sire Cardento, which he bought 6 years ago, together they ventured from 90  up to 140 Young Rider Grand Prix, with the hopes starting 145, 2017. Sadly, King Creole suffered cholic and passed away this march. Felix is, how ever, the breeder of a young mare born 2015 Sire  Diamantino VDL, that looks promising.


He is now back in Sweden with his trainer Pia Levin and has 6 horses to train and show this coming season. His current objective is to continue improving tecnique  and to work with young horses, however his dream is in the future to show elite class on his own breedings.


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