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José Antonio Garcia Mena – World PRE Champion and member of Spanish national team


José Antonio Garcia Mena, is a member of the Spanish National Team and has represented Spain in countless number of competitions and he is a premiered rider of the National Team.   Garcia Mena’s performances  on PRE “Norte Lovera” will be remembered in the hearts of all Dressage enthusiasts around the world.

Ules VDos and José Antonio Garcia Mena were proclaimed World Champion PRE in Sicab, world Mecca of the Pura Raza Española, PRE.  Additionally, Bajel de Valdesol Champion of Class.  José will continue in 2017 with this string of Top Horses and in addition, has a few new members to be presented later in the season.

The Spanish Season is soon to begin with Elite Training Session to be held in January by Team Coach Luis Lucio, and José Antonio Garcia Mena has been summoned with a string of horses.


He is also a highly acclaimed trainer and his students have harvested huge successes this past year and are highly ranked in their individual categories. Mena Clinics are in huge demand and limited in availability due to his demanding show schedule.

Eponia Equestrian Sport is delighted to sponsor José, who represents the true spirit of  the  equestrian sport. He is a true gentleman, elegant, a  fine reference  and a role model to all within the  Dressage World

Bajel de Valdesol (19)


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