Exchange & Returns

When making a purchase on our website you have 14 days to regret your order according to Swedish law. You then have to announce your regret within 14 days from that you have received your order. There are no regrets on products that are made personally or according to specific wishes from you.

If you wish to return your product you need to include receipt, order confirmation, invoice or waybill to prove that the purchase has been made with us. Keep in mind that the product/s returned must be able to sell again and therefore be 100% clean, in original condition, with tags, velcro, plastic, and other shipping items intact. No rests from dust, food, hair can be left on the product. Keep this in mind when trying your new product, so that you can make a change or return if needed.

All returns must be sent packed and well protected the same way as delivered.

If used products are returned, Eponia Equestrian Sport AB  has the right to withdraw an amount corresponding to the product’s lack of value compared to when new, in those cases when you have used and/or handled the product more than needed or in a careless way. You will be refunded minus the value deduction according to Swedish law. It can be up to 100% in the case the product no longer can be sold.

If you want the product back, you will stand for the shipping cost.

When using the right to regret you will pay the return shipping cost and be responsible for the product/s condition starting once receiving the product/s until they are back with us. The product must be shipped within 14 days from when you noticed your return to Eponia Equestrian Sport AB

Eponia Equestrian Sport AB reserves the right to deny a complaint if the product shows no faults according to Swedish law. For product complaints, we follow the guidelines from the Swedish general complaints board (WWW.ARN.SE).

For returns, your money will be paid back using the same payment method as when you made your purchase. We normally pay the money back within 14 days from receiving the returned product/s. We claim the right to hold the money until the return has arrived at our warehouse. Keep in mind that you are the one responsible for the return that arrives at us. Therefore we strongly recommend using our printed shipping label.

Keep in mind that leather is a natural material meaning it has more or less structure in its looks. These kinds of differences are not considered defection hence no reason for complaint or return.